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Neighbors call police to a Suburb in McKinney,Texas when they learn that a family Invited “too many Black People” to their pool party . Cops Brutalize only black kids.

A McKinney police officer has been placed on administrative leave after a video that had surfaced online of an officer responding to a disturbance at a pool party in Craig Ranch with violence aimed only at the black teens.

The video shows the officer pulling a 14-year-old girl down and shoving her face first on the ground. When several other teenagers tried to help their friend, the video shows the officer pulling out his weapon and aiming it at them. The teenage girl could be heard screaming on the video, “I want to call my mom!!”

Witnesses stated they felt the officer acted inappropriately when dealing with the teenagers.

The neighbors however, said given the situation, they felt the officers “did what was necessary.”

Welcome to America. A country where pulling a gun on a group of kids and shoving them to the ground for “talkin shit” by a police officer is worth it.


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