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I finally reached 8000+ followers this weekend, and to commemorate this special occasion, I’m holding a giveaway where you can win all of these items you see in the picture for free! This giveaway includes:

1) Taito Kuji Lemon Sousuke & Rin Figurines
2) Taito Kuji Makoto & Haruka Acrylic Badges
3) Lawson Kuji Sousuke & Rin Pouches
4) Yurayura Kuji Rei & Nagisa Clips

All you will need to do is like or reblog this giveaway post as many times as you like until MONDAY JUNE 15TH, 2015! I will then randomly select a user who participated in the giveaway and announce on my Tumblr who the lucky winner is! I will then email you the details on how to claim your prize! Also, please note that you must be following me in order for you to win these items!

I really appreciate all of your support on both my tumblr and my storenvy, and I really want to give back to you guys somehow, so I hope this giveaway will be able to do that! I also hope to provide as many translations and merchandise from here on out for you guys because you are all amazing, and I love you guys so much!!! ♥ THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK!!! ☆☆

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